Using RadarBox on the Media

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RadarBox Introduction

RadarBox is a flight tracking company that displays aircraft & flight information in real-time on a map. RadarBox offers flight data such as latitude and longitude positions, origins and destinations, flight numbers, aircraft types, altitudes, headings and speeds. Based in Tampa, Florida, with a R&D center in Europe, RadarBox’s business operations include providing related data to aviation service providers worldwide.

Global Coverage


Stations in 183+ Countries


Data sources (ADS-B, Satellite-Based ADS-B, EUROCONTROL, etc.)

6.356 milliards

ADS-B messages per day, with 6.34 TBytes bandwidth used (30 days)


Total users

RadarBox has coverage only in areas where a feeder volunteer has installed one of our ADS-B receivers or shares data with a Raspberry Pi or Plane Plotter. However, with new feeders added every day, our network is growing fast. To view our coverage map click the link below. The legend indicates the various data sources that Radarbox aggregates flight data from. They are briefly explained below.

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